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what is involved?

I find that children are at their most comfortable and relaxed in their own surroundings. In their own home, with their own toys, in their own room and following a familiar routine. I also believe that in order to capture the individual personality of each child, they must not be confined to a single pose in a studio setting. This is why I choose to work at your home (or location of you choice) in an unrestricted and candid manner.

Having two young children of my own I understand that children will not always cooperate when you want them too. However the beauty of doing the photo shoot in your own home is that we are able to take regular breaks as needed, and we are able to maintain their regular routine.

We are not locked into having the session entirely in your own home either. I am more than willing to go out to a favourite park, grandma's garden, the beach or anywhere that you would like to have your little ones photographed. I can focus on just one of your children, or I can include individual and grouped shots of all your children. For very young babies I will often need the parent/s to be in the shots as well. So be prepared to be photographed as well.

when to book?

I work primarily on a Friday afternoon, or anytime on the weekend. When booking your session there are two main things to keep in mind.
Firstly try to pick a time when your child is normally the happiest. Whether that is after a nap, after lunch or in the morning. Having a happy child will obviously make he session run a lot smoother. However I am flexible, and if on the day your child isn't well, or has skipped his/her regular naptime then I can organise with you to postpone for an hour or so, or change the day.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is the quality of light in your house. Does it have the best natural light in the morning or evening? Try to book the session at a time where you think your home looks best. If you are planing on going outside, it is generally better to do it early morning (9-10am) or in the afternoon (2-4pm). This means that the light is much softer and we will eliminate harsh shadows caused by direct sunlight. However during the summer months we are able to push the sessions a lot later into the afternoon (4-6pm).


after the session.

This will take me between 1-2 weeks to get the proofs ready to show you (depending on my workload at the time). When the proofs are ready I will send you a sideshow of all the photos on a disk. You may keep this slideshow free of charge, and show it around to your friends and family. However you will not be able to print from the Slideshow CD.

This slideshow is used to choose what proofs you would like to have printed. I will also include a contact sheet for you to view all the proofs indervidually.